Not just a buzz word

Called out of the business world in 1998,  Chari received  a vision of riding a white, motorcycle with eagle wings on the tank up and down hills spreading the Gospel of the Good News of Christ to kids. That vision became a reality and now she ministers to kids of all ages. 

Chari first served as a volunteer prison chaplain for troubled teenage boys.  It was there that these young men began to call her "Coach."  They liked her non-intimidating style of correcting without criticizing.  They could relate to having a spiritual coach better than the term pastor or chaplain.  It also became her biker road name and is to this day.

After serving as a volunteer prison and motorcycle evangelist, Chari was hired by the Prison Agency as a lead Chaplain and at one time was responsible for the spiritual growth of over 3,500 incarcerated adults of a faith group.  


Chari Lea graduated Arkansas Tech University in 1979 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. She received her ministry training and license from Charis Bible College, a division of Andrew Wommack Ministries. Chari's credentials includes being an ordained pastor/chaplain with the Assemblies of God International Fellowship since August of 2004.  She has also completed the Freedom Ministry Training for Ministers from Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas.

Eleven of her periodicals are published at the American Theological Library under "Religious Periodical Literature of the Hispanic and Indigenous Peoples of the America 's", 1850-1985, #2008I-S025.  

As a motivational speaker, Chari Lea teaches how you can Develop Your Full Potential in a non-intimidating format that encourages anyone from any background.  She also writes devotionals and bible study curriculum for churches and other ministries.  She has published discipleship EBooks and has a new book soon to be released called "Healed From the Inside Out." 


Coach Chari has a demonstrated history of working in men and women prison units. For almost 20 years, she has helped hundreds of adults and youth overcome addictions and emotional abuse.   

She has served as a team-lead missionary to Mexico, the British Virgin Islands and Native American reservations here in America. She is also the Director of White Eagle News Outreach, providing discipleship to various Native American Tribes. 


Coach Chari has several CD projects specializing in music therapy on the Native American Wind flute.  Her music has been used to calm violent incarcerated adults so they can receive professional counseling during rehabilitation.

Click here to download her most popular work Native Sounds of Heaven